European Road Safety Charter


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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

At Wolseley our safety ethos is about continuous improvement in the future, whilst being respectful of where we have come from.
As many incidents are preventable, we must ensure that continued focus and attention is maintained. To aid this process, Wolseley UK established a Fleet Safety Steering Group (FSSG), aimed at reducing the number of collisions experienced each year. FSSG creates an annual action plan to identify the next cluster of initiatives to deliver each year. The primary aim of these initiatives is to reduce the collision frequency rate within Wolseley and raise the profile of fleet safety within the community. Progress against the planner is then reviewed by the FSSG at each meeting (of which there are 4 per year).
As part of our commitment we will:
1. Assess the risks relating to the use of Company vehicles. We carry out both online and on road driving assessments; Wolseley's occupational Health & Safety management system contains generic risk assessments focused on driving for work; and bi-annual fleet audits carried out by insurers enable the identification of any gaps in the management system so that they can be included within the annual managing occupational road risk action plan.
2. Review the Fleet Safety Policy and Action Plan each year and ensure that the documents are brought to life and promote continual improvements
3. Engage our employees and stakeholders in the road safety process via the FSSG. 8 Wolseley employees attend each session and open invitations are circulated for other employees to attend on a periodic basis. 4 FSSG meetings are held each year (one per quarter) and key information from the meetings is cascaded across the business via newsletters, the Company Connections magazine and the Company intranet.
4. Provide a vehicle handbook and/or advice about road safety to anyone who uses a vehicle on Company business. When the handbooks were launched in 2005, over 15,000 UK based employees received the original versions. The new versions are currently being developed with a view to rolling them out across mainland Europe.
5. Maintain our commitment to raising awareness of road safety in the community via initiatives such as National Road Safety Week. This annual event is championed by Brake (Road Safety Charity) and Wolseley's initiatives engage employees at all levels as well as others members of the community. Events during this campaign include: Road Safety Training in Local Schools, Tyre & windscreen checks, Alcohol Awareness Workshop, Online driver assessment reminders and Brake's petition lobbying for 20mph zones around schools and homes being signed by employees and students attending workshops
6. Regularly benchmark the Wolseley fleet safety programme against others and identify areas for further development.
The legal, moral and financial benefits brought about from investment in the programme have been experienced by Wolseley and as a result the focus on road safety has never been higher. Signing up to the European Road Safety Charter is one of the ways which will enable Wolseley to make its commitment public and this will continue to be the case for continual improvements to be made in years to come.