European Road Safety Charter

Verlag Schmidt-Römhild

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The publisher Schmidt-Römhild of the publishing group Beleke’s general aim is to increase traffic safety awareness, safe traffic behaviour and to decrease injuries by continuously informing the public through multiple actions. Therefore from 2008 to 2011 we will undertake following actions:
For increasing traffic safety in our different federal states we are going to print yearly a free 8 page supplementary part of "mobil und sicher" (mobile and save) the magazine for the association of traffic observers (Verkehrswachten: who are specialised in measuring traffic datas and promoting road safety actions). Inside, there will be information and news about actions for road safety, and also actions achieved by the associations. The supplement will be added to "mobil und sicher" and will be distributed separately in different federal states. The readers will therefore be made more aware of traffic safety.
On mobile and safe’s webpage there will be lots of advice and information on how to act safely in traffic. The webpage can be accessed for free. We aim to achieve 260 "visits" a day.
Yearly, we will announce the winners of the "mobil und sicher"-prize selected from the associations of traffic observers (Verkehrswachten). For a special publicity raising action ,three associations will win a prize (money and diploma) in traffic safety. The prize is donated by the publisher Norbert Beleke. The prize- money will be used for further traffic safety actions. Yearly, approximately 40 associations take part by applying with their road safety actions. The "mobil und sicher"- prize has been created to thank them for their actions and for increasing public awareness in traffic safety. 3150- Euro a year is donated by the publishing company Schmidt-Römhild.
A yearly poster exhibition about traffic safety for the Delegates of the German 'Verkehrswachten' (ca. 500 members) assembly shall enhance the road safety message.
We will advertise road safety messages in papers, yellow pages, and telephone books (Print und Online; many million users) Highlighting, traffic safety . We will print texts like: "2.26 million traffic accidents a year. Save lives, avoid accidents. Road traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility. Every 12 minutes a child has an accident."
We constantely receive and review the traffic observation associations statistics. We are in the position to evaluate our results and improve, or change our aims.