Thematic report from the European Road Safety Observatory highlights road safety measures for cyclists

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The European Road Safety Observatory's (ERSO)latest thematic report draws on statistics and research to help improve road safety for cyclists. The report stressed the vulnerability of cyclists in urban areas. While EU-wide road fatalities are decreasing, accidents involving cyclists remain high. The ERSO highlight that approximately 2,000 cyclists died in traffic in the EU in 2022, with many more sustaining injuries. 

The thematic report explores how cyclists participate in traffic, the crash risk among cyclists and typical crash circumstances. It also lays out several recommendations for cities to prevent cyclist crashes. 

The full report is available here

The report is part of a series designed to offer road safety practitioners qualitative analysis and an overview of the latest research on specific topics. Previous reports have covered subjects such as novice drivers, alcohol and drugs, motorcycles, fatigue and more. Explore the series of thematic reports here

Thematic report on cycling