European Road Safety Charter

Solutia Europe B.V.B.A.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our Solutia Safety & Health values and principles are very clear: we, the employees of Solutia are committed to continuous improvement toward injury, illness and incident-free operations. We have an individual responsibility to practice safe behaviours and protect ourselves, our families and our communities.
All employees in Europe, who have to drive within their working time (more or less 150) will be asked to take part in defensive driving course early in their business driving career with Solutia, and this training will be refreshed at appropriate intervals. This training will be organise as followed:
Half day of training on a circuit.
Half day of driving on roads with an instructor observing and giving feedback.
Special emphasis will be given on safe and responsible behaviour while driving.

A special course will be systematically given to all employees coming from outside the UE before they start driving. An instructor will coach them so that they can master the fact of driving in Belgium.
The Solutia guidelines will be given to all our employees in Europe (more or less 1000). They provide guidance under a number of headings and sets expectations for our business driving activities but also for more general driving.
Monthly Road Safety info thru an electronic tip system will be sent by E-mail to all employees in Europe.