European Road Safety Charter

Servizio Polizia Stradale - Dipartimento della Pubblica Sicurezza

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Department of Public Safety in its effort to review traffic policing in the area has created a new, innovative action plan. The aim is to control and monitor the national road network (primarily, the motorways and main roads) more efficiently and more effectively.
Three main projects will be implemented within the coming years.
TOXOTEST: This test will be implemented by taking a sample of mucus or fluids in the mouth. Thus we will be able to determine the intake of alcohol and drugs of the driver.
DRIVE CAREFULLY: A road safety campaign organized by the Traffic Police which aims to support services in the area of prevention and control, information activity for young people the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
ICARUS: as an outcome of the excellent results obtained in previous efforts, the Traffic Police Service will continue this road safety campaign in 2011 that will be devoted to children aged between 3 and 6 years. This is based on the concept that early and continuous education on issues of law contributes to the formation of a more conscious person. The goal is to create communications, with clear messages, simple and immediate: an intervention specifically designed by the Department of Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome. An educational game will also be created material prepared by Explora, the Children's Museum of Rome.
In order to further strengthen our attempt to prevent drink driving related accidents we will inform young people in places of leisure at night to counter myths and negative stereotypes associated with the "culture of buzz."
With regards to the Action Plan 2011-2020, we will design a new road safety policy plan to develop joint policies and strategies of the Interior 'European Union, working with the Member States to develop a common strategy for Education and training on road safety.