European Road Safety Charter

Ordnungspartnerschaft Verkehrsunfallprävention Münster

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

To reduce accidents involving personal injury until the end of 2010 (an extension is intended) by an average of 10 percent yearly
- Traffic accident figures as an indiactor
- Submitting of a monthly/quarterly monitoring report by the police
Activity field 1 - Monitoring and Penalties
-        We will carry out concerted campaigns on different road safety topics (e.g. distance or speed violation). For 2010, we have planned at least 8 campaigns.
a)       We will organize informative events on important road safety issues
b)      We will implement the previously announced inspections and sanctions
c)       We will submit regular reports
Activity field 2 - Construction and Traffic Technology
-        We will check bicycle lanes in the urban area that comprise a total length of approximately 293 km, focusing on accident accumulation points.
-        We will change traffic lights to LED technology and introduce a traffic-adaptive control network. Initially, the focus will be on traffic light on accident accumulation points.
-        We will optimize the whole light signalling equipment and controlling, in order to reduce the number of accidents
Activity field 3 and 4 - transport education/traffic safety advice and public relations
-        We will carry out road safety days at schools (about 4 times a year)
-        We will create at least 4 projects a year related to carrying bicycle helmets (inventing e.g. school helmet or Munster helmet)
-        We will maintain and update our website where we will regularly publish road safety information
-        We will create an interactive city map on where traffic participants will share road safety information
-        We will create posters on road safety topics (around 3 posters a year)
-        We will use city-light-poster space for promoting road safety information
-        We will create radio spots on bicycle and car riding and tv sport on the use of bicycle lanes in the opposite direction.

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