New ERSO report on young novice drivers

The Young Novice Drivers Thematic Report, recently released by the European Commission, focuses on the safety of drivers aged 16-24. It outlines the process through which these novice drivers obtain their licenses and examines their attitudes towards road safety risks. Additionally, the report proposes various strategies to enhance safety, including improvements in driver training, additional instruction, increased exposure to driving conditions, legislative changes, and advancements in vehicle technology. Of particular note are recommendations regarding the efficacy of advanced skill training and testing methods within licensing systems, such as hazard perception and risk awareness assessments.

The European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) of the European Commission provides reliable and comparable data on road crashes, in-depth analysis and information on road safety trends, practices and policies in the EU. One of the outputs of ERSO are the thematic reports. The purpose of these reports is to give road safety practitioners and the general public an overview of the most important research questions and results.