London Borough of Merton

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety?

We will assess which vulnerable road user group needs to be targeted due to a rise in casualties or a need we will identifiy. We will then devise an programme that would address their needs and apply for funding to provide and deliver the project.
Our training is practical based with projects such as cycle training for children and adults, motorcycle and learner driver courses and kerbcraft child pedestrian training which includes working with special needs children. We will also offer a Recycle a Bike scheme with young offenders repairing bikes for socio-economic residents in our community. We will provide dvd on road safety and travel training for disabled and special needs adults and a practical assessment of driving skills for elderly drivers.
We aim to work with all schools on a continuing programmes of school visits and train police community officers to help us deliver our message to junior school children. Our Theatre in Education Programme culminates with a high profiled drama competition.
We will evaluate our programmes against aims, objectives and needs using evaluation forms and discussion forums to assess our achievement. 
Number of people targeted by our action: approx 192,000
Number of materials produced (leaflets, etc.): 5,000 leaflets plus campaign banners and posters to support campaigns.

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