European Road Safety Charter

Hochheim am Main city

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We will achieve the following concrete goals within the next 15 months:
Exaggerated speed is one of the main reasons for accidents. In the coming year, we will increase the number of speed controls on our streets to an average of five controls per month. When we do so, we will also adapt to a system of always changing the locations where these controls are carried out. In this way, traffic participants everywhere will be aware of the possibility of a control and drive at a slower speed.
The traffic development plan, which is currently being prepared in the city council, will be thoroughly discussed in at least five intensive sessions with experts from all the various divisions. This will give us the chance to discuss and carry out all traffic safety points in all the various areas affected. The different areas of the traffic development plan are: motor vehicle traffic, cycle traffic and pedestrian traffic. The following purposes and approaches are sought:
Elimination of problem areas as well as defective areas, integrated measurement suggestions for exposed, open traffic areas;
Vehicle traffic within the city centre ought to be clearly reduced through the planned construction of a connecting segment in the eastern part of the city. In this manner, heavy traffic can be more systematically controlled and will not affect the city centre;
Main city centre service areas can be strengthened through an improvement of the general traffic framework;
Slowdown of traffic in several areas will help improve living conditions and also security for pedestrians and cyclists.
According to traffic accident statistics provided by the Main-Taunus police district, Hochheim has the lowest rate of accidents in relation to number of inhabitants. For us, this low accident rate is a preservation objective.
We are planning a campaign that will try to persuade the parents of children enrolled at Weinberg primary school not to take their children to school by car. This ‘bad habit’ actually poses a real and considerable threat to other pupils at the school. The Weinberg school is located in the old town district of Hochheim. If using a car, it can only be reached by taking narrow old town streets in an area that has been declared a quiet traffic zone. The traffic situation should be quite safe, but becomes unsafe when a majority of parents – whether out of convenience or from concerns based on the fact that with so many other parents choosing to drive to school, their children become endangered – use the car to bring their children all the way to the school entrance. Together with the police and the Parent Teacher Association we plan an extensive information campaign that does not only deal with traffic endangerment, but also with the positive social incentives and results that could be the outcome of the children following a common route to school.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Jeder Verkehrsunfall ist vermeidbar. Mit klaren Verkehrsverhältnissen (Schaffung "selbsterklärender Straßen" durch perfekte Beschilderung), Entwicklung sicherer Schulwege, Beruhigung des Verkehrs und Überwachung derjenigen Verkehrsteilnehmer, die mit zu hohen Geschwindigkeiten andere gefährden, wollen wir die Anzahl der Verkehrsunfälle noch weiter senken. Hinzu kommen Informationskampagnen der Verkehrsteilnehmer über ihre Rechte und Pflichten bei der Teilnahme am Straßenverkehr. Dadurch erreichen wir klare Strukturen, die ebenfalls dazu beitragen, dass sich alle Verkehrsteilnehmer sicher fühlen.

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