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Hampshire County Council

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

2009 commitment:
As a large local authority Hampshire provides a comprehensive array of road safety services. To carry out this function 28 staff are directly employed in the Highway safety group undertaking data analysis, safety engineering, education, training and publicity functions.
Programmes and services are formulated using police accident data to target resources at the areas of greatest need and cost effectiveness.
Our renewed commitment consists of the following:
1. The Safety Engineering programme targets locations and routes with cost effective engineering measures to reduce casualties. Overall annual budget is approximately £2.7 million per year but individual allocations will vary in response to casualty variations. Over 250 locations are treated every year.
2. New Road Schemes are subject to Road Safety Audit to ensure that Safety Engineering expertise is applied to new designs ensuring they are as safe as possible.
3. Vulnerable road user groups are targeted with a range of education, training and publicity tools.
4. Education materials will be developed for use in schools and other educational establishments.
5. Annually training courses are provided for 2000 young pedestrians, 8500 cyclists, 800young, 350 business, 500 older drivers and 120 motorcyclists.
6. Around 14 different publicity campaigns will be undertaken annually using various types of media to impact the target groups. Around 650 child car seat checks are undertaken.
7. In partnership with Hampshire Constabulary high risk routes are identified for targeted speed enforcement.
8. Key indicators will be used to measure performance are the national indicators relating to road casualties used to set reduction targets. These relate to total fatal and serious casualties and fatal and serious casualties among children.
The County and its partners have entered a Local Area Agreement to further cut casualties below national targets to underline our commitment in this area.

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