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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety?

Frotcom Cyprus as part of its commitment to occupational road safety will undertake for the coming three years the following actions:
1. Gather the drivers of each company that is our customer after the installation of vehicle tracking systems in their vehicles and explain to them how the system works and what the fleet manager can monitor. We will give them an analysis of the system and explain to them that if they exceed the speed limits not only the fleet manager will be automatically informed but they also put their selves and the other drivers on the roads in danger.
2. Organize an event in June 2012 in Cyprus related to occupational road safety. The event will be directed to General Managers and fleet managers in Cyprus. Its aim will be to inform them about tools available to minimise accidents, fuel consumption and the contamination of the environment.
3. We organize 2-3 seminars at our premises per year for fleet managers to train them on GPS (Global Positioning system) assisted methodologies that can be used to minimize occupational traffic accidents. The seminars will be given free of charge.
4. We will include a road safety related section on our webpage. The road safety section will include tips and general information on road safety as well any updates in changes in the relevant law regulations in Cyprus.



Your knowledge

We see daily the behavour of the drivers in the road but also through our business activities and we strongly beleive that we can assist on this matter for better beheavour and Eco driving.

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