European Road Safety Charter

Fédération Belge de la distribution - FEDIS asbl

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

FEDIS seeks to improve road safety in the retail sector. In order to achieve this objective, it will carry out the following actions:
1. Train drivers through specialised companies in the sector.
New EU regulations oblige all drivers to carry out ongoing training, involving 35 teaching hours (5 x 7 hours) over the next five years.
Since we do not have the authority to provide such training, we have contacted training companies (key driving competences and safe driving) to advise them on the training programme to be taught to our drivers.
- This training programme will therefore include a mandatory road safety section, as well as a section on eco-driving.
- It will be provided to all our members (586 companies).
- The training is to be paid for directly by the members (with a 10% discount for groups of ten members).
- The theory part of the training can take place on our premises.
- The practical part of the training will be taught on private tracks to teach the drivers good reflexes in order to avoid accidents, as well as in built-up areas to ensure that the theory is actually put into practice.
We also promote a series of bodies that organise training and seminars.
- Specific training is given on load safety (proper fastening of goods on lorries, etc.) to avoid the risk of accidents.
- Training on the transport of dangerous goods.
2. Road safety information for our members.
- Information during internal working group and commission meetings (four per year, bringing together the mobility managers).
- E-mails inviting our members to road safety seminars.
- Participation of FEDIS in an inter-federation working group meeting that promotes the new safety regulation on vehicle loading.

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