European Road Safety Charter

European Association for Accident Research and Analysis - EVU

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Europäische Vereinigung für Unfallforschung und Unfallanalyse e.V. (EVU) is committed to improve the road safety by increasing the number of members by ten per cent in the next three years; emphasis is on expanding into the Eastern-European countries. The increased number of members will raise the number of accidents investigated by experts. In addition, these experts will obtain accident causations due to failures in road design. EVU will recommend to their experts to communicate their findings to the local authorities for road design improvement, which will help to reduce road fatalities in different countries. Thus more EVU experts will guarantee better local road designs.
At each Annual Congress of EVU there will be one session focussing entirely on road safety topics, such as visible aspects of road design problems, driver behaviour, technical problems on vehicles and its components. In addition, we will discuss effectiveness of new safety systems, their functionality and possible improvements.
The EVU has currently nearly 20 so-called country groups, which are individual associations linked to the headquarters to ensure good communication to local institutions and experts without language problems. Each country group will attract at least one public authority (local or regional) from the area of traffic safety as a new member, in order to expand the spectrum of its work and to support exchange of different viewpoints. Through the increased number of members more suggestions for the improvement of road design will be collected and reported to local authorities.
Duration of the commitment: 3 years.

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