European Road Safety Charter

The DIDU Association

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Since 2004 the DIDU Association has contributed and responded to many consultative documents presented to the driver training profession by Government, but most of all, its members have taught students to be safe drivers through structured training methods that go beyond what can only be seen to be the minimum standard.
We are therefore committing to the following action:
To promote personal responsibility for drivers own actions and to reduce the number of drivers Killed or Seriously Injured year on year, particularly inexperienced drivers DIDU is developing a second phase driver training scheme (post basic practical driving test). We will develop and write a book with a trainer section at the rear for qualified or lay trainers to teach/guide novice drivers on a second phase driver education post the Driving Standards Agency test.
It will be designed to encourage novice drivers to enjoy their driving to a higher standard which also benefits a lower risk level, focussing on the following key topics:
Understanding further driver education - Motorway driving - Focussed town and city centre driving - driving on rural roads - Night time & inclement weather driving - emergency vehicles - Parking & general personal safety - Vehicle checks properly - Breakdown organisations/ membership - BASIC first aid.
For the next three years, we will disseminate this book initially through our members etc for a not for profit price (to cover printing costs etc).