European Road Safety Charter

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) action will start on the basis of accidents' statistics as presented by Police, Governmental Services and European studies.
 A detailed accidents analysis, focusing on the category of young persons' casualty (parameters of location, vehicle etc. to be taken into account) will take place in the form of round-table discussions, youth forum, lectures, video conference and presentations.
 A questionnaire completed by a sample of students and other young people will give an additional corpus and enlighten data. Supplementary measures will be taken during all phases: informing campaign through publications and other media on reasons of accidentology and drivers behaviour involved in accidents.
Main priority is to involve young people aged 18-25 to contribute interactively in this effort. The final product of this effort will be an updated and detailed report on accidentology and young people and suggestions on further or new measures to be taken for the reduction.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 


-Road fatalities among young people in Cyprus are quit high
-Young drivers disrespect tragic road regulations and present high risk behavior
-High risk for other drivers, children, pedestrian, older people
-Need to increase consciousness relating alcohol and driving, speeding, non use of safety belt or helmets (cyclists)

Precise problem: Road traffic accidents is one of the main factors for young people fatalities and the necessity of new road trends is evident

Your knowledge 

Figures of young people fatalities in Cyprus are higher among other states and evolution if this phenomena shows no important progress

Type of internal / external expertise we need: Internal specialists: Engineers (University Faculty and other partners), academics and students


External expertise: mayors, public works services, psychologists, sociologists, traffic and transport experts, city planners, police, NGO’s dealing with youth and citizen welfare.