Camden - London Borough of Camden

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety?

“The Council will seek to increase the number of young people provided with cycle training by 10% per year, achieving a total of 325 young people per year in 2005. Indicator: Number of young people receiving training”. Target 12 Camden Cycling Plan.

“The Council will implement an annual programme of cycle stand installation with the aim of increasing the provision of secure cycle parking at transport interchanges, shops, leisure facilities, businesses and adult education centres. Indicator: Number of new stands implemented“. Target 22 Camden Cycling Plan

The Council will deliver a new pedestrian skills training programme for 10 year olds, for least 400 children during the two years 2004-2006. We will do this by working in partnership with Camden Street Wardens and, where possible, parent volunteers. This will complement and enable comparative evaluation with Camden’s existing Government funded pedestrian training programme, ‘Kerbcraft’, for 5-6 year olds.

“The Council will implement a five-year programme from 2002/03, of installation/improvement of cycle and pedestrian facilities at junctions controlled by traffic signals. Indicator: Number of schemes implemented”. Target 19 Camden Walking Plan

“The Council will seek to improve the footway conditions in the borough through inspections of streets with the highest number of pedestrians. Indicators: Footway claims for the borough as a whole (Table 2a). Footway claims for roads with the highest number of pedestrians, usually those near shops and public transport links (Table T2b)”. Target 2 Camden Walking Plan

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