European Road Safety Charter

Ayuntamiento de Sevilla

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The plenary of Seville City Council undertakes to:
Draft and develop a Road Safety and Coexistence Plan for the City of Seville for 2009-2012, with the objective of reducing by 25% the number of accidents resulting in injury in Seville.
Establish a Sectoral Council for Road Safety and Coexistence as the permanent collegial body for the monitoring and study of this issue, with consultative powers and enabling the participation of the various social representatives and organisations involved.
Work, through a cross-cutting multisectoral project in which the representatives and sectors involved feel represented, in the following strategic areas:
Information and communication: in order to raise awareness and involve the public of Seville in road safety and coexistence, and thus affect the behaviour of users., carrying out dissemination campaigns by way of radio spots, leaflets, local television shows, billboards, etc.
Education and training in road culture: to achieve better behaviour and more responsible, civic and safe use of roads, providing training to over 20,000 schoolchildren per year.
Investigation and research into accident rates: coordinated information seeking to improve road safety, using management models based on knowledge.
Road and infrastructure management: to ensure safer roads and traffic, with a campaign to adapt roads to the needs and conditions of traffic, to control speeding and reduce accident rates.
Road discipline and application of the rules: increasing the discipline of drivers and other users, strengthening awareness of the need to respect the rules, consequently improving safety.
Helping victims and their families: improving treatment of victims and their families, providing them with advice, psychological support, etc.

The senior officials of Seville City Council will encourage the participation of civil society (encouraging associations to raise awareness of the principles and purpose of the road safety objective through networking opportunities to enable their road safety purpose) and coordination among the authorities to ensure direct and effective participation of society as a whole and combine the efforts of all those involved to ensure a united synergy.