European Road Safety Charter

José Fernando Guilherme

Transport Manager

I was the fleet manager of CTT (Post office of Portugal) for many years. At that time, one of my worries was the damage to the fleet and especially the road accidents, and we started raising awareness of the drivers. We were contacted by the European Road Safety Charter and the road safety promotion work that they developed. This is how we have considered important for CTT to attach our efforts to the efforts of many organisations and people who are working for road safety all over Europe. Since then we have elaborated intervention programs that whenever applied have positive results. In the last edition of this road safety program we have been clearly further, involving other areas of the company and working on all issues related to road safety - from the acquisition of vehicles, the control of accidents, the training of drivers, communication and awareness and other actions to promote road safety as the Drivers Challenge. We have achieved very positive results that we like to share and have been recognized by the European Road Safety Awards in 2017. We are in this effort together with all the remaining European Road Charter partners and are available to help!