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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety?

With our actions for the European Road Safety Charter we want to promote safe driving.
Traffic Safety Report
Traffic Safety Report is a cross-country study about safety awareness of the European drivers. Through broad media participation we will try to make the drivers aware of the hazards on the road and will look for possibilities to improve drivers´ behaviour. We will interview 8,000 European from 10 countries. In Germany, we will interview 800 persons who possess German driving license. The interviewed group is a representative cross-section of the adult population. We commit to carry out next studies in 2011 and 2013.
Promoting safe driving through abatements
Apart from fines and penalties, violation of traffic rules is also recorded in a Central Register of Traffic Offenders (German: VZR). Beginning of 2009, 8,6 million car drivers out of 53,5 million were registered in the VZR. Every year, about 5,38 million new traffic violations are registered. As the first insurance company, AXA has taken this feature into account for the assessment of tariffs for young people aged 20-25. The direct influence of the points on the insurance premium has a corrective effect on driving behaviour. Starting 2010, we commit to introduce a tariff that will reward drivers with zero points registered in the VZR with the abatement on their premium, even for the older drivers.
Crash tests
Together with AXA Winterthur Switzerland and Dekra, we carry out yearly crash tests where not only media representatives take part but also professionals (e.g. judges, lawyers, police, experts). By carrying out these crash tests on different subjects (2009 country roads) we familiarize both publicity and experts with concrete risk situations on the road, so that drivers can learn to better cope with them. We commit to carry out these events in the next three years as well.
Safety Trophy
Together with the magazine "Autozeitung" and other partners, we will organize safety contest. After a theoretical test 20 drivers with their partners will be invited to a practical safety training and test. The winners will receive attractive prizes. By organizing this kind of event we want to show to the public that safe driving really pays off. 

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