European Road Safety Charter
Piedāvāt alternatīvos risinājumus

Piedāvāt alternatīvos risinājumus

With the purpose of informing families about how their children travel on school transport and how to help them change it so that they travel really safely, we will be at ExpoNadó Tarragona on October 1 and 2.
From our stand we will offer information and show in a practical way how minors should travel when they get on school transport.

Dentro de la semana europea de movilidad, daremos una charla informativa de seguridad vial Infantil que se celebrará el próximo 21 de septiembre , a las 17:30 horas en el Centro de Salud de Valsequillo (Las Palmas) orientada a dar información a los futuros papas y mamás sobre los sistemas de retención infantil, haciendo especial hincapié en los sistemas a contramarcha.
Se dará información también sobre la seguridad vial de la embazada así como de los aspectos legales que debemos tener en cuenta los padres a la hora de llevar a nuestros hijos en el coche

- Липса на институционално лидерство и координация на политиките по БДП - Липса на прозрачност и публичност на действията на държавните институции - Липса на практики за разследване бездействията на стопаните на пътя спрямо поддръжката на пътищата
L’arresto cardiaco è un importante problema sanitario in Europa e in tutto il mondo. Ogni anno oltre 400.000 persone in Europa e 60.000 in Italia sono colpite da arresto cardiaco. Nel 70% dei casi l’arresto cardiaco è testimoniato da non sanitari che possono iniziare le manovre di rianimazione...
Tuesday, 4 October, 2022 - 13:00 to 18:15
Ministerstvo dopravy ČR, nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1222/12, Praha 1 (Velké kolegium, 1. patro)
Czech Republic

-Do you know how minors travel when they get on the school bus?
-Do you think that traveling is safe or only in regulations?
-What can we do as families so that our children travel safely?

In this talk we will inform you of the current regulations, how our minors travel when they get on the school bus and we will show you how to necessarily travel to be safe.

PF CONE is the name of the world's first geolocated traffic and emergency cone. The new cone created by GRUPO PF SEGURIDAD VIAL (a subsidiary of ERUM VIAL and ERUM GROUP) in collaboration with the Motor for Transport Department from Spain (DGT) will provide the exact location of any emergency area that these cones have previously delimited.

Telraam helps out citizens, resident groups and local governments who want to gain knowledge on traffic in their streets and want to improve road safety by tackling traffic challenges that have a negative impact on liveability such as rat running, speed issues or the negative impact of circulation...
Accidents in tunnels are characterized by a high intensity of impact on the environment and vehicles participating in the movement. The effects of such tears are great. In the case of the transport of dangerous goods, the lack of sufficient information may create additional, unexpected risks...


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