European Road Safety Charter
Švietimas mokyklose ar bendruomeninėse organizacijose

Švietimas mokyklose ar bendruomeninėse organizacijose

Charla informativa de seguridad vial Infantil que se celebrará el próximo 17 de junio de 2022 a las 11:30 horas en el Centro de Salud de Playa de Arinaga (Agüimes-Las Palmas) orientada a dar información a los futuros papas y mamás sobre los sistemas de retención infantil, haciendo especial hincapié en los sistemas a contramarcha.
Se dará información también sobre la seguridad vial de la embazada así como de los aspectos legales que debemos tener en cuenta los padres a la hora de llevar a nuestros hijos en el coche

One of the major challenges in road safety that we are facing in Romania is the high number of victimization among young passengers (group age 0-14) and main reason why this is happening is the low rate of utilization of child restraint systems (only 26% of children passengers are transported in an...

-Do you know how minors travel when they get on the school bus?
-Do you think that traveling is safe or only in regulations?
-What can we do as families so that our children travel safely?

In this talk we will inform you of the current regulations, how our minors travel when they get on the school bus and we will show you how to necessarily travel to be safe.

Thursday, 26 May, 2022 - 17:30 to 18:30
Escola El Montcau -ZER SUBIRATS
Aesleme, as an NGO and has specialized in the prevention of road accidents for 30 years, addressing each of the road safety challenges we face, classifying the origin, causes, new trends and characteristics of each group of accidents so as to be able to offer specific information to each group, by...
Durch die fortschreitende Motorisierung und Technisierung werden die Lebenswelten von Kindern und Jugendlichen immer bewegungsärmer. So haben in den letzten 20 Jahren die motorischen Fähigkeiten von Schulkindern stark abgenommen. Viele externe Faktoren bestimmen darüber, wie oft Kinder ihrem...
Immer noch verunglücken die meisten Kinder als Mitfahrende im zumeist elterlichen Pkw – und nicht etwa beim Radfahren oder Zufußgehen. Vielen Erwachsenen ist auch nach 25 Jahren Kindersicherungspflicht nicht klar, warum und wovor sie ihr Kind im Auto schützen müssen, wie aktuelle passive...
We're focusing on the education of vulnerable road users, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle riders and young drivers. The main problems in our county are related to speeding, drunk drivers, children who are crossing the street (on zebra), and cyclists.
Thursday, 2 June, 2022 - 00:00 to Thursday, 10 November, 2022 - 00:00
- Parents are not safe enough with letting their kids bike on the roads - Kids think the roads are not safe - Drivers have to be more aware of children when they do not have a good awareness on the roads When kids are not safe on roads it effects Parents are not safe enough with letting...


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