European Road Safety Charter
Enseignement en milieu scolaire ou dans des organismes communautaires

Enseignement en milieu scolaire ou dans des organismes communautaires

Distraction is a serious issue, especially for teenagers. Many of our students come to school in the morning with headphones, which are connected to a cell phone or other device. Many of them also ride their bicycles, wearing headphones. In addition, we had a discussion with some of them about...
Immer noch verunglücken die meisten Kinder als Mitfahrende im zumeist elterlichen Pkw – und nicht etwa beim Radfahren oder Zufußgehen. Vielen Erwachsenen ist auch nach 25 Jahren Kindersicherungspflicht nicht klar, warum und wovor sie ihr Kind im Auto schützen müssen, wie aktuelle passive...
Tuesday, 29 March, 2022 - 10:00 to 14:00
Potrivit statisticilor Poliției Rutiere, un număr de 932 de oameni și-au pierdut viețile și 2004 au fost răniți în 2586 accidente în primele 7 luni ale anului 2021 în România. Principalele cauze ale producerii accidentelor grave sunt: viteza neadaptată la condiţiile de drum şi traversarea...
We are faced with the problem of people's incredulity, they do not understand how actions that they carry out on a daily basis have to be carried out out of conviction, because they did it automatically and thought that this had no explanation, that it had to be done because otherwise it would...

Se han presentado los resultados del estudio que se ha encargado al Instituto de Seguridad del Vehículo Automóvil Duque de Santomauro (ISVA) de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid sobre la metodología a aplicar por las estaciones de inspección técnica de vehículos para controlar los niveles de emisión de NOx y partículas contaminantes procedentes de los vehículos.

If you are a teacher in Spain or travelling to Spain on 11th of May don't miss the opportunity to attend for free the Moving STARS project Multiplier Event Workhop on Traffic Safety and Mobility Education in Terrassa, Barcelona.


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