European Road Safety Charter
Enseignement en milieu scolaire ou dans des organismes communautaires

Enseignement en milieu scolaire ou dans des organismes communautaires

The essence of our mission is mutual understanding and respect of all road users as one of the solutions to improving road safety. There is no road safety based on just one element. We will not achieve the "Vision Zero" based only on education, only on fines, or only on infrastructure. We do not teach the law, but the rules. The foreman and the lawyer have to make the same analysis at the same intersection, at the same time, take the same decision, which leads to the same result - reaching the destination.

Our students, during the school year 2020-21 participated in the international campaign "THIS IS MY STREET", which was coordinated in Greece and Cyprus by the Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) "Panos Mylonas". Through this campaign children, young men and women are given voice to demand safer routes to and from school, free of risks of road injuries and the harmful effects of air pollution.

“Villads fra Valby – Sikker i trafikken", er et læringskoncept, der har til formål at hjælpe flere børn med at blive sikre i trafikken. Materialet er rettet mod de ældste børn i daginstitutionen og indskolingens 0. – 1 klasse. Ud fra tanken om at læring bedst sker gennem motivation, aktiviteter og leg, er materialet bygget op omkring masser af inddragelse, dialog og mange forskelligartede aktiviteter.

According to data provided by the Department for Transport in Spain (DGT) , almost half of Spaniards do not know how to act when they suffer an accident or their vehicle breaksdown.

The Directorate General of Traffic in Spain has opted for innovation and technology to reduce traffic fatalities, and published a Royal Decree over Roadside Assistance, where connected V16 road safety beacons will become an essential element that will definitively replace the emergency triangles in Spain.

When is it compulsory to use the V16 emergency light?

This year's World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims carried the message "We do not want more victims to remember, we want to live our lives together." How to promote such a strong slogan? The Foundation “Roads of Mazovia” and partners decided to do so with an educational project called "Bicycle Rally for teachers - Promotion of the cycling license for kids".

The campaign called ”Road Safety Heroes,” carried out online by Industrie Mica Prahova SA and Drumul in siguranta weblog between November 15th and November 21st, 2021, presents the people involved in road safety or who bring their contribution to saving the injured ones. They can be: roads policing officers, firefighters, construction engineers, educators or employers. This category includes all those who use the roads responsibly, thus protecting themselves and the people around them.

A visit of the students of the 1st class of Simantra High School to the Traffic Education Park of Olynthos Primary School took place on Thursday, 21-10-2021.

The "Shout STOP at Accidents" programme started at the Cultural Centre of Olynthos where the students attended an interactive presentation of the basic concepts of traffic education, the traffic code and signs and took part in games through which they challenged their knowledge in order to answer correctly!!!

Este programa modular contiene formación necesaria en materia de movilidad segura y sostenible, dirigida a aspirantes a los siguientes colectivos:

Técnicos Superiores en Formación para la Movilidad Segura y Sostenible o a Profesores de Formación Vial.
Profesores de Formación Vial.
Directores de Centros de Formación de Conductores.
La formación se modulariza en dos grandes bloques, correspondientes a la seguridad vial y a la sostenibilidad de la movilidad urbana y metropolitana.

Tuesday, 28 September, 2021 - 12:00 to 16:00
Karting Krasna Polyana


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