European Road Safety Charter
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Create awareness

With the purpose of contributing to the development of road technology throughout the world,
promoting the realization, from different scientific perspectives, of studies and
research that encourages innovation in the sector, The Foundation of the Spanish Road Association (FAEC) announces the IX Edition
of the International Awards on roads innovation "Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo" 2021-2022

In a context characterized by the need to progress to a safe, sustainable and connected mobility, it is essential to propose a digital and ecological transformation of the road sector, as shown in this project.

Technical publication focused on road safety, published for the VII Iberoamerican Road Safety Congress, held in Madrid (on-line) in December 2020

Technical publication n road infrastructure developed for the III Iberoamerican congress "INTERCISEV" focused on road safety, held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in September 2019.

In Ireland, we love our phones but we know disconnecting is important. On average we spend 5 hours every day looking at our phones and 4/5 people admit to using their mobile phone while driving. Even though using a mobile phone behind the wheel when driving makes you 23 times more likely to have an...

Technical publication focused on road safety issues, published for the celebration of the VI Iberoamerican Road Safety Congress, held in Lima (Perú) in October 2018.

Technical publication focused on road safety issues, published for the celebration of the IV Iberoamerican Road Safety Congress, held in Cancun (Mexico) in October 2014.

Drinking and riding an e-scooter is an entrenched problem facing our sector and, to date, no-one has adequately tackled the issue. Through our taxi partnerships feature TIER aims to help address that major road safety challenge. Alcohol consumption has been identified as an important risk factor...
Optimization of policy decisions and road user choices is based on advanced analyses of reliable crash, exposure and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data. The mission of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Road Safety Observatory ( is to support the Greek...
In industrialized countries, motor vehicle accidents are the most important cause of death and disability in the first half of life. Furthermore, new drivers are four times more likely than experienced drivers to incur a road accident: the greatest number of deaths is concentrated in the 20-34 age...


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