European Road Safety Charter
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Once again our school takes part in a campaign organized by the Provincial Road Safety Council and the Traffic Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow and the Provincial Department of Education. Partners of the campaign are the Provincial Office in Krakow, the Marshal Office in Krakow and the National Road Safety Centre. This year the campaign is called “Fluorescent School Is Me and You – It’s Us”. The aim is to remind pupils of road safety rules and the obligation of wearing fluorescent materials. Last year’s campaign was very interesting and successful.

The focus behind the Hartpury College annual Road Safety event was to raise awareness amongst our students on how to drive safely, sensibly and to change the attitude and behaviour of young drivers and their passengers. The principal of the day was also to work closely with the Road Safety Partnership and the Police Crime Commissioner to reinforce his priority of Safe and Social Driving.

El Proyecto Seguridad Vial en Familia nació cuando mi mujer y yo nos quedamos embarazados y buscando una silla de retención infantil segura nos dimos cuenta de la total desinformación que hay, tanto en las familias como en los comercios que se dedican a la venta de este tipo de artículos.Yo soy Guardia Civil de Trafico, llevo 14 años en los equipos de Atestados e Informes de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, como investigador e Instructor de accidentes de Trafico. Desgraciadamente, por mi trabajo veo cosas a veces muy desagradables que se pueden evitar con mas información.

It is a tradition in our school that first-graders take “The Exemplary Pedestrian Exam” in September. This year 115 pupils took this exam. Policemen, who had been invited to this event, instructed children how to get from their houses to school and from school to their houses safely. Moreover, they paid pupils’ attention to the importance of wearing reflective clothing or using reflective materials, for example armbands or waistcoats emphasizing the fact that every pupil should have them.

Este projecto teve o seu inicio em 2014 em parceria com o Núcleo Escola Segura da Guarda Nacional Republicana. A actividade é desenvolvida nas Escolas do Agrupamento, dividindo-se em duas partes, uma teórica e outra pratica. Na actividade teórica o Guarda Principal Machado aborda em sala os diferentes temas relacionados com a temática onde são visionados filmes educacionais. Na segunda parte da actividade o Guarda Principal Machado monta um circuito rodoviário no exterior da escola onde os alunos vão colocar em pratica os conhecimentos adquiridos na primeira parte.

Operation Safe Home was developed to help improve the system of children exiting the school at home time. Due to an increase in students attending the school and a rise in the number of road safety incidents occurring at this time an action plan was put into place .We currently have 497 pupils and expect to have over 500 pupils next Sept. The boy’s school is located within 300 metres of the girl’s school and has similar numbers. There is therefore a very high volume of traffic particularly in the evenings. The entrance to our school and the footpath are both very narrow.

En el Colegio Público Huerta Major de Alcoy hemos puesto en marcha una campaña de educación vial, con la que buscamos que los alumnos y alumnas cuando acaben su etapa de Infantil y Primaria tengan nociones para actuar tanto como viandantes como conductores, además de enseñar las normas de circulación, señales y mejorar la convivencia ciudadana.

Основите на общата култура и безопасно поведение се поставят още в предучилищна възраст.В детската градина децата се обучават само като пешеходци,придружавани от възрастни,но въпреки това,те са участници в движението и като такива трябва да умеят да се движат и пазят.В ЦДГ"Детелина" гр.Тервел,главна цел на обучението по безопасно движение по пътищата е изграждането на конкретни умения за безопасно движение и поведение по улиците на града.Проведените педагогически ситуации са обвързани с темите "Нашата улица и Улично движение" с основна задача разширяване на представите и затвърдяване на пон

Στα πλαίσια της προσπάθειας για εφαρμογή δράσεων οδικής ασφάλειας στο σχολείο μας, έχουν πραγματοποιηθεί ή βρίσκονται σε εξέλιξη τα πιο κάτω: 1. Διάλεξη από την αστυνομία σε όλο το σχολείο. 2. Κατασκευή πανό από την καθηγήτρια της Τέχνης, Μαλβίνα Μίτλεττον, το οποίο αναρτήθηκε στην κεντρική αυλή του σχολείου 3. Δημιουργία αφισών, οι οποίες αναρτήθηκαν στην αίθουσα Οικιακής Οικονομίας, στην αυλή και στο περιοδικό του σχολείου. 4. Δημιουργία παραμυθιού, το οποίο αναρτήθηκε στο Facebook και στην ιστοσελίδα του μη κερδοσκοπικού οργανισμού Reaction. 5.

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