European Road Safety Charter
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In our school we will develop a plan to increase awareenss towards road safety in children with special needs (learnign and motor disability) and their parents. What we plan is to teach children basic rules and set the basis for their raod attitude as well as their attitude in transportations such as: car and train. We will work by side with parents intending to develop healty attitudes towards road behaviour and the ones conserning transports. The specialists who will work with us will be police officers and specialists from the park we have in our town on road/traffic education.

En el colegio Montserrat hemos formado un grupo de trabajo compuesto por los distintos estamentos de nuestra comunidad educativa (alumnos, profesores, padres, asociaciones de familias, equipo directivo y vecinos). La primera actividad de nuestro heterogéneo grupo de trabajo, fue la planificación y construcción de un parking de bicicletas dentro de las instalaciones del colegio, que finalmente se inauguró en junio del 2012 y que cambio, en muchos sentidos, nuestra percepción de los problemas y sus posibles soluciones.

Concursul de educatie rutierea ,, Memorialul Matei Virgil,, Suncuius, Bihor are ca scop asimilarea cunostiintelor de educatie rutiera si formarea unui comportament responsabil in trafic pentru prevenirea accidentelor de circulatie, perfectionarea unor deprinderi de comportare civilizata pe strada , adoptarea unei conduite preventive pentru diminiuare numarului de accidente rutiere in care sunt impilicati elevii si adultii.

The photo contest announced in our school had an objective to perform how to ride a bike safely. The photos, delivered to us, depicted children riding bikes and wearing reflective elements, helmets or other protectors. It was also performed to move on the road in a safe way. Having used all the delivered photos, the organizers have created a photo exhibition in order to both introduce the results and to show an example how to cycle safely.

El Ayuntamiento de San Fulgencio ha convocado recientemente el primer concurso de habilidades con el tractor. Se trata de un evento donde varios participantes demostraron su destreza al volante, entre las que se incluyen aspectos relacionados con la seguridad vial, conducción segura y eficiente. Dos empleados de nuestra empresa AGROPACO ganaron el certamen.

01.09.2015r. podczas uroczystości Ślubowania Pierwszoklasistów- 56 uczniów klas I otrzymało worki odblaskowe z rąk przewodniczącej Rady Rodziców pani Justyny Antczak. Pan Wójt Gminy Piątek wraz z przewodniczącą Rady Rodziców i dyrektorem szkoły wręczyli upominki w związku z PASOWANIEM PIERWSZOKLASISTÓW. 15 września 2015r. odbyło się spotkanie z kierownikiem Rewiru Dzielnicowego KPP w Piątku pt. „Bezpieczna droga do i ze szkoły. Odblaskowe Pierwszaki”. Wraz z końcem wakacji do szkoły wrócili również policjanci.

On 27th January 2016 the students from our school took part in an event called „Senior- an example to follow” organized in cultural center Resursa Obywatelska. The were also police officers and many old people from the University of the Third Age. The main aim of this meeting was to show the dangers the older people can meet in traffic. The students presented an artistic program about the traffic rules, crossing the road safely or wearing reflectors. They sang songs and said poems about it.

This is a school plan that will help 1st - 3rd grade pupils learn about road safety and understand their responsibilities as pedestrians and passengers. The goal is to develop attitudes and skills and the culture of road safety awareness leading to the desired behavior. Moreover, pupils can learn how to prevent accidents and avoid behaviors that lead to accidents.

The project is being carried out from 1st September 2015 to 30th May 2016 and it has been partially funded by the Road Safety Partnership whose role is to work for the improvement of road safety and decreasing the number of road crash victims in Poland. The members are the representatives of three sectors of public life – business, government and non-governmental organizations. They work together and contribute to decreasing the number of casualties on Polish roads.

For a few years the School Safety Club has organized a competition called “Win Your Life”. It is held every month and it concerns the promotion of road safety. Each month the subject matter of the competition varies. The last one was to write a rhyme or a poem that could encourage children to use car safety seats until they are 150 cm tall. The prize for the best rhyme or poem was a cycle helmet.


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