European Road Safety Charter
Izgradnja kapaciteta i obuka

Izgradnja kapaciteta i obuka

With the purpose of contributing to the development of road technology throughout the world,
promoting the realization, from different scientific perspectives, of studies and
research that encourages innovation in the sector, The Foundation of the Spanish Road Association (FAEC) announces the IX Edition
of the International Awards on roads innovation "Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo" 2021-2022

In a context characterized by the need to progress to a safe, sustainable and connected mobility, it is essential to propose a digital and ecological transformation of the road sector, as shown in this project.

Technical publication focused on road safety, published for the VII Iberoamerican Road Safety Congress, held in Madrid (on-line) in December 2020

Technical publication n road infrastructure developed for the III Iberoamerican congress "INTERCISEV" focused on road safety, held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in September 2019.

These guidelines have been developed with a group of managers of local roads in Spain. The objective of the guidelines is to facilitate the implementation of the most advance safety tools to the local road network, which is usually not a priority. This road network is important for the territory and it is necessary to ensure its maximum level of safety.

The on-line training course (in Spanish), organized by IBEROAMERICAN ROAD INSTITUTE (IVIA) and MEXICAN TRANSPORTATION INSTITUTE (IMT) with the support of the Spanish Road Association, is focused on the skills for the development of road safety auditors and inspections. During 2022, the 9th edition of the course will be celebrated, starting on the 14th of June.

The ROAD SAFETY PLAN FOR GALICIA 2022-2025 was recently approved by the Regional Government of Galicia (Spain). Under the Vision Zero approach, the plan joins a number of initiatives focused on the reductin of the road accident victims, with the final goail to achieve cero victims.
Several public and private entities, as well as civil organisations, have participated in the development of the plan.
Antea Group and the Spanish Road Association supported Xunta de Galicia (Regional Government of Galicia) in the development and on-going of the plan.

La plataforma a la que representamos lucha por la mejora de la inseguridad de nuestros menores en el transporte escolar, la ley permite que viajen sin cinturones, con cinturones de 2 puntos y con cinturones de 3 puntos, de ninguna de las tres maneras viajarán seguros, deben viajar con cinturones de...
Thursday, 2 June, 2022 - 17:30 to 18:30
Escola Dr Trueta, C/ d'Amposta Casé, 2
Emberi hibákból bekövetkező balesetek megszüntetése: fáradtság, reakcióidő változás és mérés, telefon használat kiküszöbölése, figyelmetlenség felderítése, agresszió, drog, alkohol jelenléte, a szándékos szabálysértések és cselekmények kiszűrése, nem megfelelő magatartásformák a közlekedésben,...


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