European Road Safety Charter
Young adults 17-25

Young adults 17-25

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Here at Sixt we are offering you some driving tips for when you are abroad and in need of some advice. The areas of advice that we have covered are: Rules and Regulations, Speed Limits, Things to Bring Along & any additional information we thought might be relevent to your trip.

FACTUM is a SME founded in 1988 that focuses on traffic and mobility policies from the perspective of psychological and social sciences. The main objective is to develop and implement suitable instruments that make solid research, e.g. on human motives, viable. The targeted areas are approached under consideration of culture, lifestyle and life quality as those play a vital role. The expertise of FACTUM lies in qualitative and heuristic methodology (round-table discussions, focus-group interviews, in depth and narrative interviews, workshops).

Here at Sixt we have launched a brand new drink driving awareness campaign. Our aim is to provide our customers and the wider public with a much clearer understanding of the true dangers involved with mixing alcohol and driving, as well as explaining in detail the limits, the laws, and the effects that alcohol can have on the body.

What are the limits?

La nostra società effettua il servizio di ripristino delle condizioni di sicurezza e viabilità post incidente stradale, a seguito di sversamenti di liquidi in dotazione funzionale ai veicoli coinvolti nell'incidente. Per la realizzazione degli scopi anzidetti, effettuiamo interventi immediati, in condizioni di emergenza, mediante bonifica e rimessa in sicurezza dell'area interessata.

Wednesday, 8 October, 2014 - 00:00 to Sunday, 12 October, 2014 - 00:00
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