European Road Safety Charter
18-25 - Jóvenes adultos

18-25 - Jóvenes adultos

The number of road traffic fatalities in Germany decreased steadily until 2010. However, since then the statistics show that the number of collisions are on the rise again. Reasons for this trend can be found, for example, in increased traffic volume, stress in everyday life or distraction whilst driving. As a result, dangerous situations on the road are often not assessed correctly or are recognised too late by road users. This shows a need for action to break new grounds in road safety work. This is exactly where ( comes in.

During on-site promotions, trained monitors accompany local policies. The monitor waits for the police to carry out a breathalyzer test with the driver. If the driver has an alcohol level of 0.0, the monitor rewards them (for example with a 20€ fuel voucher. All the awards must be claimed on the Spanish responsible drinking website,, to interact with the target group in a more personalized way.

El Plus Test nace en Suecia en 2005 de la mano de Tommy Pettersson, responsable de homologaciones de la VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute).

Previa a la prueba Plus Test las sillas que se comercializaban en Suecia estaban reguladas por el T-Standard sueco, código de circulación sueco que incluyó los requisitos que debían de cumplir las sillas a mediados de los años 70. Desde su incorporación en 1975, la silla que no superase las condiciones estipuladas en el T-Standard no podía comercializarse en Suecia.

Una pregunta muy recurrente a los asesores y especialistas en Seguridad Vial Infantil es sobre cuántos Sistemas de Retención Infantil van a tener que usar nuestros hijos mientras no tengan la altura necesaria y obligatoria para hacer uso del propio cinturón de seguridad del vehículo que vayan ocupando como usuario.

Road Safety Programme: 2017-20

Mrs.Minati Bindhani, General Secretary of Women & Child Welfare Society participated "2nd National Conference on Traffic Technologies"

At: Central Academy for Police Training (BPR&D),Kanhasaiya,Bhopal,MP [India]from 24th-to-25th February 2020.

Minati Bindhani, General Secretary of Women & Child Welfare Society participated in 2nd National Motor Vehicle Accident Conference(MoVACon) on 20th-21st February 2020,Ahmedabad,Gujurat,India.

"DNA_Why are Helmet without ISI Mark Dangerous Your Life" video collected from ZEE NEWS Youtube and Film Show displayed in all Road Safety Programmes and Energy-Petroleum Conservation activities from month of April'2019-to-March 2020 for Public Awareness on required Helmet use and Save Human Life,

Miss. Tapaswini Das Student Volunteer of Women & Child Welfare Society

her Student Volunteer Team in Annual Function in school.

( Maa Saraswati, Godes of Education display in back side Banner)


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