European Road Safety Charter
Young adults 17-25

Young adults 17-25

Potrivit statisticilor Poliției Rutiere, un număr de 932 de oameni și-au pierdut viețile și 2004 au fost răniți în 2586 accidente în primele 7 luni ale anului 2021 în România. Principalele cauze ale producerii accidentelor grave sunt: viteza neadaptată la condiţiile de drum şi traversarea...
We are faced with the problem of people's incredulity, they do not understand how actions that they carry out on a daily basis have to be carried out out of conviction, because they did it automatically and thought that this had no explanation, that it had to be done because otherwise it would...

Se han presentado los resultados del estudio que se ha encargado al Instituto de Seguridad del Vehículo Automóvil Duque de Santomauro (ISVA) de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid sobre la metodología a aplicar por las estaciones de inspección técnica de vehículos para controlar los niveles de emisión de NOx y partículas contaminantes procedentes de los vehículos.

El sector de la ITV celebra su 40 aniversario con una jornada en la que se ha reconocido su contribución para salvar vidas, gracias a la mejora de la seguridad vial y a la protección del medio ambiente.

On March 28, 2022, AZT released a new study on accident figures, trends, risk parameters, and counter-measures in/for bicycles and motorcycles. Two accident data in-depth studies (bicycle-motor vehicle collisions and motorcycle accidents of any kind) were run, as well as two representative surveys for bicycle users in Germany and Switzerland. Risk scores were calculated, such as bicyclists for slow electric bicycles again non-motorised pedal-bicycles (which is three times as high) or the risk of fatal head injuries in bicyclists against other traffic participants.


Aiming to inform, raise awareness and, most importantly, help drivers drop the risky habit of in-vehicle mobile phone use while driving, Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas” presented, on Monday, 21 March, the digital application DRIVE IN THE MOMENT during a Press Conference at Electra Palace Athens. The event was held within the framework of the 15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week (21-27 March), organised by R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (H.I.T.E.).

15 aprilie, 2022, Ploieşti - Campania „Eroii siguranţei rutiere”, derulată în luna noiembrie a anului trecut de Industrie Mică Prahova SA şi blogul Drumul în siguranţă, a primit aseară un premiu în cadrul Galei CSR Awards. Cu prilejul celei de-a zecea ediţie a Galei, într-o ceremonie de decernare a premiilor ce a avut loc la Palatul Ghica Tei, în Bucureşti, campania inclusă în proiectul „Săptămâna siguranţei rutiere”, creat sub egida Fundaţiei Brake, Marea Britanie, a primit MENŢIUNE în categoria EDUCAŢIE.

The problems/Challenges we are addressing is to prevent millions of people from losing their lives in road/vehicle accident. None deserves to die untimely or unnecessary death. No family deserves to lose their loved ones in a road/vehicle accident that could have been easily avoided! Our...

Volunteers from the NGO "Accessible city environment" worked hard to achieve road safety towards children and people with disabilities.

We succeeded to improve road safety on the lanes of one of Sofia largers public parks. We hope to make all public infrastructure safe and sound.


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