European Road Safety Charter
Public authorities

Public authorities

Thursday, 2 June, 2022 - 17:30 to 18:30
Escola Dr Trueta, C/ d'Amposta Casé, 2
Emberi hibákból bekövetkező balesetek megszüntetése: fáradtság, reakcióidő változás és mérés, telefon használat kiküszöbölése, figyelmetlenség felderítése, agresszió, drog, alkohol jelenléte, a szándékos szabálysértések és cselekmények kiszűrése, nem megfelelő magatartásformák a közlekedésben,...
Every year, 2,290 children die due to road injuries in Vietnam, making it the second leading cause of death among Vietnamese children ages 514. With a population of nearly 96.4 million people and 59.2 million registered two-and-three wheel vehicles, quality helmet use is essential to saving lives...
The risk potential on German roads remains high: Even in 2020 with less traffic due to the Covid-pandemic, the police counted 264,000 traffic accidents with people injured or killed . Improvements have been scarce and the numbers have been stagnating over the last decade. Especially in cities, this...
As a result of a road accident, debris and waste from the parts from the vehicles often are left on the roads which, if not removed and promptly cleaned, can become a risk factor for the occurrence of new accidents. Due to the lack of operational resources and technical expertise, the waste from...

-Do you know how minors travel when they get on the school bus?
-Do you think that traveling is safe or only in regulations?
-What can we do as families so that our children travel safely?

In this talk we will inform you of the current regulations, how our minors travel when they get on the school bus and we will show you how to necessarily travel to be safe.

Hastighet är den viktigaste trafiksäkerhetsfaktorn och Göteborgs stad söker nya verktyg för att säkra rätt hastighet. Vi har idag fler än 3000 hastighetsdämpande åtgärder på våra gator och stadens 2500 bilar har, eller kommer att få, ISA installerat. Vi deltar i det nationella forskningsprogrammet...

We request all Road Safety Activist (Organization & Individuals) for PARTNERSHIP ROAD SAFETY ACTIVITIES & Community Radio Station with Women & Child Welfare Society.Contact & Bank Details attached.Send your Message to our e.mail> Activities 2019-22

We are addressing several different problems that can be summarized in the sections VI.A to VI.C of the paper attached . In my opinion, the most important problem regarding safety is VI.C: Improve Pedestrian Safety in Urban Scenarios. Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) is mandatory for all...


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