European Road Safety Charter
Children 0-16

Children 0-16

Monday, 3 October, 2022 - 12:00 to 14:00
Europe House, European Commission Representation


Our annual appeal Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Ms. Hildegarde Naughton has announced that she intends to double the fine for failing to stop at a school warden sign. This will see the fine increase from €80 to €160. The announcement comes as the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and...

Tous les ans, juste après la rentrée scolaire et avant l’arrivée de l’automne, La Sécurité Routière asbl lance son action de sécurité sur le chemin de l’école grâce au matériel réfléchissant. Comme les enfants sont particulièrement exposés aux dangers de la route et ce de surcroît pendant la mauvaise saison en raison du manque de visibilité, La Sécurité Routière encourage administrations communales et écoles à acquérir pour leurs jeunes élèves de petites figurines rétroréfléchissantes.

"Billo e Mariano" è una serie animata, prodotta e realizzata dalla Scuola del Corpo della Polizia Locale di Milano, rivolta alle scuole dell'infanzia e ai primi due anni della scuola primaria.
Si compone di 5 episodi:
1) Le regole;
2) I segnali stradali;
3) Il semaforo e i segnali manuali del vigile;
4) Le strisce pedonali;
5) Impariamo a conoscere la strada

Nation-wide road safety campaigns targeted pupils, parents, teachers and the transport industry itself

One in three children observed in Cluj-Napoca were not wearing any type of restraint compared with, for example a study of 2 652 children in Belgium that found one in five were wearing no restraints. The rates of using restraint in the back seat of a car are generally low in European countries,...
Children are our most vulnerable road users but they cannot be responsible for their own safety when using the road. They simply do not have the cognitive skills to be able to recognise danger, therefore programmes like the Back to School campaign and Safe Cross Code are vital in teaching children...
Telraam helps out citizens, resident groups and local governments who want to gain knowledge on traffic in their streets and want to improve road safety by tackling traffic challenges that have a negative impact on liveability such as rat running, speed issues or the negative impact of circulation...
The main challenges: Quality training in traffic safety for children from 3 to 7 years of age to acquire basic knowledge and skills for moving in an urban environment. Formation of skills for dealing with critical situations


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