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Syed Yaseen

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Systematica srl

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I am currently working as Senior Traffic Engineering and road safety specialist for a Program Management office (PMO) employed towards services of mega project in the Kingdom. We provide a large array of transportation planning services that span across multiple scales. Our experienced professionals are adept at providing technical expertise across all levels of a project, from national and urban to development-scale transport planning. Our consultancy, planning and design services span across multiple scales, from national and urban to development-scale transport planning. We provide technical expertise across all stages of a project, providing clients with feasible strategies that combine innovation, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

At Systematica our innovative approach to solving complex urban issues incorporates data analysis, stakeholder consultation and creative problem-solving. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in urban planning, infrastructure development, public policy and technology solutions that can help drive positive change in our cities. With decades of experience across projects ranging from large-scale systems such as metro lines or highways, to small-scale street interventions, we strive to keep up with the latest trends in transportation technology, engineering and operations.