Associazione Italiana Professionisti Sicurezza Stradale - A.I.PRO.S.S.

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety?

Our newly established association seeks to inform and raise awareness among as many people as possible in order to improve traffic and road safety. We will hold our first conference between now and March in order to present the association and its objectives to the public.
We will carry out the following activities over the next few years:
- In conjunction with local bodies, we will try to organise and hold as many free events, meetings and seminars (two to three per year) as possible. These will be based primarily on certain fundamental aspects to which, in our opinion, particular attention needs to be paid:
- Drink driving
- The Highway Code
- Restraint systems
- The transport sector
- We will produce information material to be distributed among our future members every two months, so as to ensure that they are kept up to date on new features in the Highway Code and also on the situation relating to traffic accidents.
- Furthermore, we are working to secure a weekly ten-minute spot on a local television channel.
Our association is made up of experts (teachers/driving instructors, road safety experts, health and safety experts, etc.) who will obviously play an active role in their respective areas.

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