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The Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) continuously promotes 10 golden rules in traffic by carrying out a whole range of promotional activities.

Since 2016 HAK hosts an annual competition for the production of short films on this topic with the aim of promoting creativity amongst under-24s.

This year, 33 films were submitted, and the following authors were awarded:-

Tiago Jorge won a Renault Captur in the 2021 Mokotów Bike Rally. The lucky coupon was drawn by the Mayor of Mokotow District Krzysztof Skolimowski. The event was powered by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme and Mokotow District Found.

During on-site promotions, trained monitors accompany local policies. The monitor waits for the police to carry out a breathalyzer test with the driver. If the driver has an alcohol level of 0.0, the monitor rewards them (for example with a 20€ fuel voucher. All the awards must be claimed on the Spanish responsible drinking website,, to interact with the target group in a more personalized way.

Uno de cada cuatro accidentes de tráfico laborales se produce en motocicleta. Umivale ha presentado una campaña, que utiliza como herramienta la realidad virtual. Para esta campaña, hemos creado un nuevo recurso de prevención en el que se utiliza la realidad virtual inmersiva con el objetivo de contribuir a la reducción de los accidentes de tráfico simulando situaciones y casos prácticos.


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