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We are mobilizing the Spanish society and EU world since year 2008 and with collaboration of the Spanish authorities I have participate in controlling the road accident in Spain. I am also working to control the Accident in Asia especially in Pakistan from SARSAL forum and high ups of Pakistan have been given many proposals. In this regard the Secretary General of UN has been informed about the condition. My report in this regard is attached for information of all.

Am 20.05.2014 führt unsere Moderatorin Roswitha Lauerbach im Maximilianstift in Maxdorf das Programm "Sicher mit dem Rollator" durch. Nach einem theoretischen Teil mit den Inhalten "richtige Einstellung und Nutzung des Rollators, Sehen und gesehen werden, Leistungseinbußen im Alter, Verhalten beim Überqueren der Fahrbahn an gesicherten und ungesicherten Stellen, Nutzung des Rollators im ÖPNV, Überwinden von Hindernissen etc." folgt ein Rollatorparcours.

CONTRALCO, world's #1 manufacturer of reliable single-use alcohol breathalyzers since 1982, develops in addition to alcohol tests, a whole line of innovative road safety tools to improve road safety education awareness.Since June 2013 the company has been the only company in the entire world to hold the new NF mark certification, requiring single-use breathalyzers manufacturers to manufacture alcohol tests with 0% defects.

To encourage the practice of road safety culture by creating awareness throughout educational approaches, and advocating on behalf of road safety and road traffic injury victims.

SARSAL (Safe Roads for Safe Life) Road Safety Association is providing Education about road safety since 2008 and thousands of peoples have been benefited in this regard. My organization is proud to work with the Spanish Road Safety Authorities to control the road accidents. I intends to enhance cooperation with all EU agencies/departments/organizations working in this field. My agency shall provide all kind of cooperation without any cost.