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El exceso de información desinforma. Cambios y anuncios de cambios descolocan... Aquí encontrarás, en lengua catalana, la normativa completa sobre conducción de bicicletas actualizada y presentada de forma telegráfica y visual.

Your Ideas Your Initiatives is a school contest encouraging young people to create Initiatives related to Road Safety & Sustainable Mobility. 

We have just launched a road safety summer contest: 'Summer on the road? Reach your destination safely, & have some chill time reading on your Kindle. Play with Your Initiatives summer game to win one every 2 weeks!'

Ready to play? Start from here:

UKRO is a fast moving dynamic organisation that is determined to push vehicle extrication and Trauma care to its professional pinnacle and to drive the national agenda on road death reduction.

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Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF) is a non-government organisation, governed by the provisions of the Kenya NGO Act Number 19 of 1990 implemented by the Kenya NGOs Coordination Bureau for local non-profit and international non- profit organizations and foundations. Our specific Objectives :