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Good practices

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A good practice is the activity (campaign, project, techniques or other) that a member has undertaken to improve road safety in their environment, that has been assessed for effectiveness in addressing the problem and proven to be successful.

If you have undertaken a project falling under this description, share it with us by submitting your good practice

In order to submit your good practice, you first have to sign a commitment by becoming a member of the ERSC community. You can find more information about joining the European Road Safety Charter on this page

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Good practices

Every year, ca. 200 accidents and collisions happen on the Polish railroad crossings, leading to dozens of deaths. 99% of these incidents are a result of the drivers’ recklessness and their non-compliance with the rules. Therefore, state-owned Polish Railway Lines launched a social educational...
Young inexperienced drivers, passengers, and vulnerable road users covering; Driver Safety Powered two-wheelers Pedal cycles Pedestrians Crossing Roads Looking at education using the new Hazard Express as a method of reaffirming messages delivered through a presentation. Depending on the...
Οι προκλήσεις είναι πολλαπλές. Από τη μια πλευρά έχουμε την άγνοια κινδύνου από τους γονείς κι από την άλλη την έλλειψη οδηγικής συμπεριφοράς. Η αλλαγή της καθημερινότητας στην μετακίνηση της τοπικής κοινωνίας διαμορφώνει την γενική εικόνα της περιοχής.
EU has the ambition to reduce the number of road accidents with 50% by 2030. At the same time, sales of eBikes are rapidly increasing (30M eBikes by 2023), and 55% of the bikes are for urban use. Therefore, measures to improve road safety and cyclist safety are a major contribution to decrease...
Eismo saugumas keliuose labai opi problema. Dėl vairuotojų kaltės įvyksta 65–68% eismo įvykių. Jų įtaka saugiam eismui didžiausia. Tai dažniausiai lemia psichologiniai veiksniai. Pagrindinius eismo įvykius lemiančius veiksnius ir sąlygas galima įvardinti kaip skubėjimas, nuotaikos poveikis,...