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A good practice is the activity (campaign, project, techniques or other) that a member has undertaken to improve road safety in their environment, that has been assessed for effectiveness in addressing the problem and proven to be successful.

If you have undertaken a project falling under this description, share it with us by submitting your good practice

In order to submit your good practice, you first have to sign a commitment by becoming a member of the ERSC community. You can find more information about joining the European Road Safety Charter on this page

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Good practices

The Fondation de la Route is doing road risk prevention actions to everyone, of all ages (young, active and senior). The actions take the form of playful and interactive formations, conferences and workshops with a lot of different tools like shock simulator, rolling-car simulator, Ergovision, a...
A big percentage of road accident victims in Cyprus and the rest of Europe are young people under the age of 25, many of them not wearing helmets.As a pioneering member of the Eupopean Road Safety Charter since 2004, Cyta always believed that it is very essential to start educating and cultivating...
Autostradafacendo/Trip2life is promoting road safety public awareness. The promoters, through a large group of experts, translated the experience of motorways' operation into "driving behaviours" and defined key messages to reach, in a smart and effective way, all kinds of audience...
Adquirir capacidades para llevar a cabo comportamientos peatonales autónomos, el desarrollo de hábitos de comportamiento correcto como peatón en carretera y como viajero, y finalmente el conocimiento de las normas básicas para la utilización de bicicletas. Una de las principales competencias de la...
As part of its strong commitment towards society, the Spanish Brewers Association (Cerveceros de España) was seriously concerned about the situation of traffic accidents related to drink and driving and decided to start in the year 2000 a campaign to communicate the importance of responsible...