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A good practice is the activity (campaign, project, techniques or other) that a member has undertaken to improve road safety in their environment, that has been assessed for effectiveness in addressing the problem and proven to be successful.

If you have undertaken a project falling under this description, share it with us by submitting your good practice

In order to submit your good practice, you first have to sign a commitment by becoming a member of the ERSC community. You can find more information about joining the European Road Safety Charter on this page

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Good practices

Road safety must be based on the absolute priority is the life and safety of persons inadmissible considering that mobility and traffic are the subject of business by any government. These organizations have the ultimate responsibility to protect road users, so it can not simply build or preserve...
In the techniques and technology of road traffic, the intention is to apply technical innovation, a vehicle with a front stop light . The intention is to improve low and unstable level of communication of all active participants in traffic. It is expected to increase interaction and ensure higher...
Ports have long been considered by the Swedish police, customs authorities and the coastguard as environments at high risk for drink driving. In 2012, more than 3 million vehicles arrived in Swedish ports from across a maritime border. Government figures suggest that the drink driving rate around...
Comportement dangereux des conducteurs: 93% des accidents sont dus a un facteur humain.● Les erreurs d'inattention au volant sont coupables des ¾ des accidents de la route2. Notre systeme repond a cette problematique puisqu’il permet d’augmenter considerablement le temps de reaction des...
Our educational concept for this theme , first aid , based on the idea that life is a constant struggle for survival. Succeed in life , not just the most powerful but also the most skilled and preparation through education , first aid and student gives children an additional argument . Specifically...