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A good practice can be any set of actions (strategies, measures, methods, approaches etc.) that have been successfully addressing a road safety problem.

If you have undertaken a project falling under this description, share it with us by submitting your good practice

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Project Executive Summary – Problem: Due to rapid growth of population, industrialization, urbanization and advanced transport technology more and more vehicles come to road to meet day to day human demands. These days almost every person essentially depends upon the vehicles for routine works...
In only 12 years, Cyprus witnessed more than 10,000 road accidents with 729 deaths associated, according to data from the Ministry of Justice published on June 2021. - In the considered twelve-year period, the police recorded 10,542 collisions which resulted in 15,173 injuries; - 2008...
Pe lângă abordarea comportamentului celor mici în trafic, studiul propune modalităţi de protecţie a acestora în călătoriile cu automobilul, dar şi sugestii de reducere a evenimentelor rutiere prin îmbunătăţirea infrastructurii. Una dintre concluziile studiului este că, din păcate, mediul rutier...
The audience targeted by the programs being implemented is Kindergarten, Elementary and high school students. It is known that, from the earliest infancy, information is recorded indelibly in the infantile brain. Children learn from images-examples and are educated accordingly. The images that are...
Promocionar el uso de bicicletas publicas