European Road Safety Charter
Bezpečnost silničního provozu v akci

Good practices

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A good practice is the activity (campaign, project, techniques or other) that a member has undertaken to improve road safety in their environment, that has been assessed for effectiveness in addressing the problem and proven to be successful.

If you have undertaken a project falling under this description, share it with us by submitting your good practice

In order to submit your good practice, you first have to sign a commitment by becoming a member of the ERSC community. You can find more information about joining the European Road Safety Charter on this page

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Good practices

With “One way life” we accent on the most problematic level of the road safety-the human.The influence over the psychic and the behavior of every single person is complicated and long process. New thinking means a cultural shift and sharing of responsibility for overall road safety,requiring a high...
We do not accept any death or serious injury as inevitable.Especially pedestrians must be viewed as the innocent victims of growing vehicle usage. We are focusing on taking a new way of responsible behaviour from both sides on the road- the pedestrians and the drivers. With a few events and...
The main problem is the level of financial resources. We gain new investors and partners, but technologies are very expensive and require huge financial outlay ( for example, we are currently working with our partner – “Spectre Solution” on the project of a new device). Also our activities for...
31% des conducteurs manquent d’au moins 1h de sommeil au moment de partir en vacances*.Huit conducteurs européens sur dix déclarent se coucher plus tard ou se lever plus tôt que d’habitude avant de faire un long trajet, et deux sur trois ne respectent pas la règle de la pause toutes les deux heures...
Les 18-24 ans ne représentent que 9% de la population française, mais 25% des personnes tuées sur les routes. L’alcool au volant est ainsi la première cause de mortalité sur la route dans cette tranche d’âge. Mais s’ils sont particulièrement exposés au risque routier, les jeunes sont également peu...