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Yarrive - The platform for easy sharing of driving school knowledge

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Yarrive - The platform for easy sharing of driving school knowledge

Organisation details

KFV Sicherheit-Service GmbH
Contact name 
Dr. Karl Hendling
Telephone number 
+43 5 77077 1150
Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
In driving licence training, learning road safety content via printed books is standard - the fun of learning often comes up short and the learning success are sometimes not fully given. Young people in particular learn better when they are taught in a modern and digital way. The KFV has developed the learning platform "Yarrive" in order to convey the safety content for mobility for cars, mopeds, cycling and other topics in a modern way. We expect this modern teaching approach to improve the competence of the learners. The goal is to move from memorising content to understanding it - this contributes significantly to the improvement of road safety. Yarrive, the digital learning platform based on gamification approaches and the spaced-repetition learning method, imparts knowledge interactively and playfully. Yarrive supports the training of learner drivers to become responsible road users and thus contributes significantly to safe coexistence in daily road traffic. By transforming rigid frontal teaching into a social studying experience, Yarrive motivates young participants in particular to learn together with their peers. As Yarrive was developed in close cooperation with driving schools, learning units and exam modules are precisely tailored to the training plan. The platform wants to contribute to sensitising young driving licence holders to the dangers of everyday road traffic.

Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role. 
Schools all over Austria Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club Car, Motor and Cycling Federation of Austria Driving schools all over Austria CHAX – Conceptual design, technical planning, implementation of the Android, iOS and web app, cloud architecture, hosting ontu digital design - UX/UI, branding, naming, animation
Please describe the project activities you carried/are carrying out and the time period over which these were implemented. 
Spaced repetition and playful aspects such as knowledge duels, live quizzes including high scores were the focus during the development of the platform. Later, Yarrive was later expanded to include various communication channels (chat, group chat, leaderboards) and realistic examination environments. Even before the Covid pandemic, a webinar feature, the possibility of online participation in a course, was being considered. The Distinar feature (seminar at a distance), has been further enhanced over the last 12 months - with practical experience gained from driving schools affected by the pandemic. This means that Yarrive can now be used by course participants regardless of location and on all end devices. No additional programmes are necessary for distance learning.
List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Friday, 3 June, 2022


What has been the effect of the activities? 
With its social studying principle, integrated distance learning function and universal application possibilities, Yarrive is a versatile learning platform and thus offers a valuable digital component for driving licence training. Yarrive is currently used by around 700 students at more than 20 driving schools for driving licence training. Social studying, integrated distance learning function, short explanatory videos and small learning units for self-study, including games and exercises to test knowledge and many other functions make Yarrive a universally applicable digital learning platform and raise learning and teaching to a new level. Recently, the Yarrive learning platform was awarded the seal of approval for learning apps by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.
Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety. 
With its contemporary approach, Yarrive is specifically geared towards the young target group of novice drivers. Interestingly designed, short learning units with videos and audios, games and knowledge checks avoid questions being stubbornly learnt by heart, but instead support learners in holistically understanding knowledge related to driving licence training. Information on road hazards and traffic rules is absorbed more intensively thanks to a wide variety of content types and is retained more easily through constant repetition. In this way, Yarrive contributes to a forward-looking and safety-conscious driving style among young drivers.
How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
For the applications of the Yarrive platform, we rely on hands-on access. The platform can be tried out and explored free of charge on the website. Trade fair appearance/live demo at the Schladming Driving School Conference (2021) Trade fair appearance/live demo at the Driving Instructors' Day Salzburg (2022) Trade fair appearance/live demo at the Learntec trade fair in Stuttgart (2022) Direct mail/mailings Stakeholder flyer for driving schools Free demo on the website Personal distribution Social media