European Road Safety Charter
Good Practice

"Road Safety Everywhere and Always"

"Road Safety Everywhere and Always"

Living in a country where road accidents are a frequent phenomenon, teachers and children decided to deal with ways in which we can move on the road safely by eliminating the dangers and minimizing the likelihood of an accident. In a pleasant, cheerful and entertaining way our pupils became small actors and tried to present the wrong habits and give the right advice to be able to move safely on the streets. Besides, the bases for proper road behavior come from childhood to apply to our everyday life over the years.

You can see the children's videos by following the link below.


What problem did you address/are you addressing? 
Our work was primarily focused on identifying illegalities and misinterpreting drivers and pedestrians of road traffic signals.Through dramatization and empathy the students tried to promote the right road behavior.Finally, they realized that inattention can lead to accidents, mourning human lives.
What are your objectives? 
To learn traffic signs
To respect human life
Τo use the seatbelt in the car.
To use the helmet on the bicycle.
To respect people with disabilities.
To understand the difficulties faced by people with disabilities in everyday life.
To be careful when crossing the road.
To learn the function of the traffic light.
List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Monday, 1 April, 2019 to Tuesday, 2 April, 2019
Name of action 

1. Brainstorming about what the children know about road signs.
2. Discussion for the dangers on the roads.
3. What will probably happen when we violate the rules.

Thursday, 4 April, 2019
Name of action 

1. The students painted the road signs and they wrote down the meaning of each one.
2. Brainstorming about how we could organize the movie plot and the video streaming.

Wednesday, 10 April, 2019
Name of action 

We chose the locations and we shot the video with children.

How did you evaluate/are you evaluating the success of your action? 
The students' assessment of whether the road safety rules were understood and the success of the action appeared through their participation both in the classroom discussion and in their practical implementation through the video.