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In my village… I am King

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In my village… I am King

We are the students of High School of Mataraga, a village in the prefecture of Karditsa. We made a video to raising our local community’s awareness of common violations of Road Safety Laws, thus sensitizing them!

It may be an unofficial but still very popular law “to be the King in one’s village”. It is a leftover of wrong perceptions and driving behaviors among many local residents, both the elderly and the young.

As potential future drivers, we have to make difference. We need to foster law-abiding thinking and driving behaviors.

What problem did you address/are you addressing? 
The road safety laws in our local community
What are your objectives? 
To foster law-abiding thinking and driving behaviors by future drivers
Who was/is your target audience? 
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 
List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Thursday, 9 May, 2019 to Friday, 31 May, 2019
Name of action 

We promote our video in 2nd students' conference of Karditsa

How did you disseminate/are you disseminating results or how did you promote/are you promoting your initiative? 
We promote our action in local events
How did you evaluate/are you evaluating the success of your action? 
By suitable questionnairies
Who carried/carries out the evaluation activities? 
Internal evaluation
When did/will you carry out the evaluation? 
After the intervention