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Ireland - 2021 Records Lowest Number of Road Fatalities Since Recording Began in 1959

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Ireland - 2021 Records Lowest Number of Road Fatalities Since Recording Began in 1959

Initiative details

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All road users.

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The Communications Office, Road Safety Authority – 00353 96 25008
Welches Problem wollen Sie angehen? 
Provisional road collision statistics show that the number of road deaths in Ireland in 2021 dropped to a record low, making it the safest year since road deaths were first recorded in 1959. It reminds us that one death or serious injury is one too many.
Was planen Sie zu tun? Beschreiben Sie Ihre Ziele: 
The recently launched Government Road Safety Strategy 2021 to 2030, ‘Our Journey Towards Vision Zero’. It aims to reduce deaths and serious injuries by 50% over the next decade and achieve no deaths or serious injuries

• 9% drop in road deaths in 2021 compared to 2020
• 18 pedestrian deaths in 2021 the lowest figure since records began
• Males accounted for almost three quarters of all deaths in 2021
• Tragic end to 2021 a reminder of just how fragile life is on the road


Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role. 
An Garda Síochána (Irish Police Force) Roads Policing Unit. Improving road safety and significantly reducing the incidence of fatal and serious injury on Irish roads is the main responsibility of the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau (GNRPB).
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Wednesday, 5 January, 2022


Wie gehen Sie vor, um den Erfolg Ihrer Maßnahme zu bewerten? 
For every road death in 2021 there were over eight people seriously injured. Prevention of serious injuries needs to be a focus for us in 2022. Given that 75% of all road deaths were male, we must continue to target interventions at this group.
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Press release. Social media National media
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Internal evaluation
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Before, after and continuous monitoring