European Road Safety Charter
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I learn throught play, live by knowledge !!!

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I learn throught play, live by knowledge !!!

Improving the educational environment and the infrastructure for active social inclusion of the smallest children to traffic rules , via establishing a children's center for raising the competences and the quality of the knowledge about the safety of the traffic .

Welches Problem wollen Sie angehen? 
Every year died over 50 children and 700 more are injured as a result of road transport accidents . Our responsibillity is to do everything that we limit and stop it this negative statistic like active working together with traffic rules from earliest childhood .
Was planen Sie zu tun? Beschreiben Sie Ihre Ziele: 
Forming a community which is based knowledge and rules. Reducing the number of aftereffect from road transport accidents .
Welche Zielgruppen haben Sie? 
Encourages to keeping on rules in the society via games with motto " I learn throught play, live by knowledge " .<br>We becoming "Parent school" where applied games with parents in which the children observe personal example from their parents for safty movement in urban environment .
Wie viele Menschen wollen Sie erreichen? 
Wie wollen Sie vorgehen? Führen Sie die Maßnahmen auf, die Sie durchführen möchten: 
Friday, 31 May, 2019
Name of action 

In the last 3 years we are built traffic safety site in outdoor .They were trained about 2000 children from DG "8 march" and other children garden like their knowladge and skills are very impressive .
The traffic safety site allow possibility to integration different activities and games so the children fun and learns .They knows well good "pedestrian" , "bicycler" and "driver" .
Every appliances are innovative ,maintain WiFi connection and we can choice for plan urban junction .
Recreates the real traffic situation with traffic lights . Appliances working with batteries that is safety for children .
In the traffic safaty, site there are electrical car ,bicycle, scooters, rollers and children can manages like keep horizontal and vertical marking . Via game the child exercise knowledge light signals , road signs ,danger, safety zone and road .

Wie werden Sie Ihre Ergebnisse verbreiten? 
Demonstration of skills to guests from Germany , Italy ,Greek, Portugal and China . Media coverage .
Wie gehen Sie vor, um den Erfolg Ihrer Maßnahme zu bewerten? 
Awards "European Day Without A Road Death"-The Ministry of Interior ,The Ministry of Education and Science ,the Road Safety Foundation and awards from FB public 2016 .
Wer wird die Evaluierung vornehmen? 
External evaluation
Wann werden Sie die Evaluierung durchführen? 
Before, after and continuous monitoring
Wie viele Gruppen werden Sie evaluieren?