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Good practice submission

Initiative details

Welche Zielgruppen haben Sie? 
The main aim is nowadays implementation of the main principals of the project to the high school educational system in the Czech Republic as a relevant part of school educational programs.
Welches Problem wollen Sie angehen? 
We solved in our project deaths of young people in two risk regions roads (Central Bohemian Region and Ústecký (Northern) Region, preparednness of young people to help people after crashes and their preventive behaviour in the roads.
Was planen Sie zu tun? Beschreiben Sie Ihre Ziele: 
Prevention of traffic accident injuries in concrete two regions (Central Bohemian Region and Ústecký (Northern) Region), reduction of possible serious consequences, effective intervention during already incurred traffic accident.

Project activities

Wie wollen Sie vorgehen? Führen Sie die Maßnahmen auf, die Sie durchführen möchten: 
Wednesday, 10 January, 2018 to Monday, 31 December, 2018
Name of action 

The project which was realised for 600 students from 10 high (grammar) schools of Bohemian and Ústecký (Northern) Region as divided into two parts - theoretical and practical.The project theory was about presentation of:information of traffic accidents statistics,crashes consequences in the chosen risk regions, including presentations of crash tests,discussion with experts of the Police of the Czech republic, Traffic Safety Research of ŠKODA Auto, a.s. and discussion with man who is quilty of death of 2 people because of crash.The practical part was focused on practical training in: - participation of students on hit simulator,- their practical help to people after simulated crash (with cooperation of people from health service and fire posttraumatic teams)and alcohol tests and discussion with police members.The project was succcesful in changing young people attitudes concerning road safety and their encouragement to apply of first aid (health, psychosocial, legal and spiritual) after traffic accident.All participators on the project discussed the programme together - every expert had a space for adult (further) education. 


Wie gehen Sie vor, um den Erfolg Ihrer Maßnahme zu bewerten? 
We evaluated the event by quantitative questionnaire method with qualitative elements before event, close after event and 3 months after event to find out the influence of the project on participated students. We compared these results with control group. Palacký University in Olomouc worked up the results.
Wie werden Sie Ihre Ergebnisse verbreiten? 
In the close communication of all partners of the project, sharing with students on high (grammar) schools and cooperated universities during lessons, publushing on expert journals and also with people from press who are interested in prevention and intervention after crashes. We are publishing the results also with colleagues from European Federation of Road Traffic Victims.
Wie viele Menschen wollen Sie erreichen? 
Wer wird die Evaluierung vornehmen? 
External evaluation
Wann werden Sie die Evaluierung durchführen? 
Before, after and continuous monitoring
Wie viele Gruppen werden Sie evaluieren? 
Bitte führen Sie die Indikatoren auf, mit denen Sie den Erfolg messen wollen 
- the level and summary of knowledges 3 months after the event at selected school
Bitte beschreiben Sie die Evaluierungswerkzeuge, die Sie verwenden wollen, z. B. Umfragen, Interviews, Schwerpunktgruppen usw. 
- questionnaires
- interviews with participants immediately after the event