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Good practice submission

Initiative details

Describe the characteristics of your target audience 
Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing Systems were installed at locations where a safety risk has been identified, specially close to schools.

Organisation details

Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
World Health Organization study show that without action, road traffic crashes are predicted to result in the deaths around 1.9 million people annually by 2020.At the present time, 1.24 million road traffic deaths occur every year. The number of people sustain non-fatal injuries lies between 20 and 50 million. Most pedestrian collisions happen when pedestrians are crossing the road, rather than walking or standing alongside the road.Worldwide, a high percentage of pedestrians’ deaths and injuries occur when lighting conditions are low, during dusk, dawn and night.Had been identified in Braga some crosswalks zones with serious safety problems, such as:- High rate of accidents- Static signs in bad conditions- Insufficient warning systems- Inappropriate behavior of road infrastructure usersThe most critical places were roads with high traffic and school zones.
What are your objectives? 
Reduce the number of accidents in crosswalks
Increase lighting and visibility of the crosswalk

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Wednesday, 2 April, 2014
Name of action 

Due to some traffic problems,the Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing System (SR-IPCS) was the ideal solution to reduce significantly the number of road accidents at crosswalks.Main Characteristics:- Dynamic warning system- Efficient alert signals- Low power consumption- Low maintenance costsIntelligent Pedestrian Crossing Systems were installed at locations where a safety risk has been identified.The SERNIS Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing System (SR-IPCS) can reduce significantly the number of roads accidents in crosswalks. The SR-IPCS detects pedestrians at crosswalks by real time image processing, managing automatically the activation of a set of warnings through vertical signs and road studs to alert drivers in a safe and effective way.When pedestrians are crossing the street, the colors of LED signs and road studs changed into red to capture driver’s attention. Warnings for both sides of the road in all traffic lanes.The SR-IPCS is reliable day and night, even in adverse weather conditions, reducing the risks of accidents in crosswalks.Some Characteristics:- Sensor and camera in the same housing- Detection distance: 2 lanes- Accurate and editable zone positions- Reliable operation 24/7- Detection of pedestrians in the crosswalk area- Easy installation – above ground sensor- Cost – effective solution- Powered by solar or electric energy.


What has been the effect of the activities? 
After the installation of project it has been verified a clear improvement in Road Traffic Safety:- There isn’t a single register of accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians - Road accident rate declined to zero- Increase of drivers attention focused on traffic- Free of victims with serious injuries- Vehicles lower average speed- High increase of pedestrians’ safety level
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 
Who carried/carries out the evaluation activities? 
External evaluation
Internal evaluation
When did/will you carry out the evaluation? 
Before, after and continuous monitoring
Please list the indicators you use to measure success 
Number of accidents in the crosswalks
Please describe the evaluation tools you use (i.e. surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.) 
Braga Municipal numbers

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