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Welches Problem wollen Sie angehen? 
Road is an element that accompanies everyone since children: living the road in the correct way since we were born is fundamental to develop the necessary sensibility to be a motorist, a biker, a bicyclist or a pedestrian responsible in the adult age. The identified problems are:1. The use of the devices and protection systems;2. To avoid the incorrect behaviors to prevent the risk;3. To avoid the errors and distractions that all commit without realizing;4. The knowledge of the rules like prevention and not repression. 5. The risk of high speed and of the aggressive driving. Interviews to stakeholder realized for identifying the problems more felt, the most common errors, the rules less respected of driving etc.
Was planen Sie zu tun? Beschreiben Sie Ihre Ziele: 
“Come BACK HOME – Drive safe, security return” is the slogan of iniziative. It invites us to reflect on the feelings, the passions, the responsibilities that the adults have towards their loved ones. It is the scream of our son advise us to be careful in
Its aim is the creation of an active net of Town Administrations, Strengths of order, Schools, Families to affirm a conviction system, values and behaviors that promote healthy behaviors for a "participated safety" based on shared experiences.
A year of education of over 15.000 children with laboratories that involve their families. Contest and Olympiads of safety with a final event (Regional Day of the Safety) to name the “safety agents”. Activities brings to a change of convictions sustained

Project activities

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Saturday, 1 November, 2014 to Monday, 30 November, 2015
Name of action 

Activities aim at to spread the knowledge of measures of prevention and to the construction of a culture of  safety. For a whole scholastic year the following activities are developed:   The strengthening  formation of the culture of safety. Interactive games  involve the children of the elementary schools and everage schools. The educational / formative meetings are directly realized in the schools and they're comparable to involving and stimulatin shows.Contest of Safety that integrates and completes educational runs on safety themes: through an interactive game children and kids "show" their own learnings. The game becomes a real experience of learning. Children and  kids that get the most higher scores represent their own city in the Ending of the Trophy of Safety.Kids formation in the band 14-19 years "to make them" a Junior Trainer for students of the elementary and average schools.Group formation to safety. The team shares with teachers and operators the formative / educational methodologies. They discover the potentialities of new technologies and they learn to use the technological kit, videos and the tutorialsSocial and Real contest " Rimbalza il malintenzionato ." Participating in games and quiz, all the components of the family are turned into Safety Agent and they enter to the Team of the Safety of their own town.Demonstrations in public areas. With the Strengths of order amuse showing the consequences of the incorrect and not safety road behaviors.Regional Road Safety day   Overview of the activities   Video report of the Regional Road safety day A campaign of  Communication and sensibilization accompanies the whole run. The activities are:Animation on the most  diffused social networks, with  formative actions. The team transforms in "scout of safety" children, kids, the young people, parents, the Strengths of order and the citizens that share the values.The innovative and involving communication is the strategic key of the project on the territory. We use  innovative and traditional tools often resorting to resources available given by the local institutions. TJ Fox: the “breaking news” of  safety that tells the events of the Team and interviews the protagonists of safety on the territory.around  the breaking news of  safety is produced by children, kids, young people and teachers.  An Event (Regional Road Safety day)  finishes with 4.000 participants. The scenery where the "Regional Road Safety day" toke place was Cinecittà World. A location that, for twenty-four hours,  prepared and dedicated to the day / event where we only talk about road safety. Bid video of the Regional Road Safety Day and the Olympiads of Road safety   Small synthesis of the Regional Road Safety Day Shall be arranged:The “Safety Camp”:  a film studio of over 2.000 mqs that entertains different laboratory activities to become "Safety Agent" and to participate in the "Olympiads of Road Safety.The “Safety School ultramodern theater with over 200 places where the education and the formation are turned into involving shows.The “Square dancing”: open air theater  with giant screen to dance and to celebrate all together.The “Hall of thinkers”:  the area devoted to the technicians and the institutional representatives that meet to discuss how to improve safety on our roads.The “Safety Campus”:  the central theater with over 1.300 seats that entertains the clou event , the endings of the Contest and the Olympiads of Road Safety.  Some missions realized during the Regional Road Safety Day


Wie gehen Sie vor, um den Erfolg Ihrer Maßnahme zu bewerten? 
The valued indicators are:• The dimension of the net for the "participated safety"• The level of involvement • The pleasure towards the activities from the beneficiaries • The emotional involvement • The knowledge about road risks• The degree of perception of the road risk• The change of attitude toward the road rules and of the safety• The knowledge of rules, of devices and of the protection systems The initiative uses innovative technological solutions. Connected interactive electronic systems to database able to pick up feed-back. Children and kids are endowed with these systems and, while "they play", they express their degree of learning.
Wie werden Sie Ihre Ergebnisse verbreiten? 
The initiative uses the know-how and of the organizational structure of "James fox. the super friend of safety" (mark recorded by the Partner Iris. Institute of Research and development) and it uses of its communicative plant. web; facebook profile: jamesfox.iris; facebook page Squadra-Speciale-JFox-di-James-Fox; twitter @SquadraJamesFox; channal youtube JamesFoxIris.It has its own website Many are the materials, gadget specific products and distributed to the involved partners(devices and the systems of protection, road signals, bookmarks, poster, brochure, etc.). The initiative is based on tools audiovideo and produces a TJFox (periodic Newscast of information on the developed activities and those scheduled produced by children and kids).Promo TJ Fox Some TJFox: Events have been organized in some of the cities that have involved over 3.500 participants; there has been an event “Regional Road Security day” in an amusement park with over 2.000 families involved.
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